About Wesleyan Medical Practice

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About Wesleyan Medical Practice

Wesleyan Medical Practice is a primary care clinic specializing in Endocrinology. We take pride in providing compassionate, individualized care for men and women ages 17 and up in Owensboro, Kentucky. Dr. Sara Doolin-Thompson, DNP, and her team invest in the most advanced technology to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage our patients’ health.  

At Wesleyan Medical Practice, we utilize state of the art management of equipment and medications to offer traditional and alternative treatments for patients living with diabetes. The practice offers multiple options such as MannKind Afrezza inhaled insulin, AstraZeneca, Novo-Nordisk, Medtronic devices, Omnipod insulin pumps, and various glucose monitors.

Along with comprehensive diabetes care, Wesleyan Medical Practice treats thyroid disorders, and offers innovative treatments for men and women, including testosterone replacement therapy. The practice has an on-site laboratory to cater to patients hoping to find a medical home with testing and treatment services under one roof.

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